New Thinking on Sex, Gender, Transgender and Non-Binary Identities | Categories Presentation

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Title: New Thinking on Sex, Gender, Transgender and Non-Binary Identities
Presenter: Lisa Diamond, PhD, University of Utah
Date: 5/14/20
Brief Description: Expanding definitions of sex and gender and their role in women’s health
Keywords/Main Subjects: Gender, transgender healthcare, non-binary gender, marginalized genders, women’s health
Copyright: copyright Lisa Diamond ©2020

Q&A Session

  1. How might a gender-neutral environment (free of pink and blue and girl vs boy-specific) affect behavioral development and adult outcomes on personality (e.g. shy vs assertive)?

One thing we know is that even if parents try to do that, there is NO way to prevent a child from experiencing that sort of gender-neutral environment unless you kept the child from leaving the house, reading children’s books, seeing movies or TV, etc. There are parents who have tried it, but the impact of the larger world ALWAYS intrudes.  So we don’t really know how it would affect a child if you could consistently create a less polarized environment.

  1. Is Utah one of the states proposing to ban gender affirming treatment in some form?

Utah is currently NOT one of the states proposing to ban gender affirmative therapy for youth.

  1. How can “women’s health clinics” better serve gender-diverse individuals, while continuing to provide a welcoming environment to cis women who are still ignorant to gender diversity?

I think a lot of it is messaging specifically to gender-diverse individuals. So, a clinic could continue to call itself a women’s health clinic, but could make sure to include information on, for example, flyers and websites clarifying that they treat ALL women who have EVER identified as women, including trans women and trans men.