Geographic Disparities Among Gynecological Oncology Patients | Categories Poster

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Title: Geographic Disparities Among Gynecological Oncology Patients
Presenter: Kaila Christini, MsPH, Huntsman Cancer Institute
Contributors: Deanna Kepka, PhD, MPH (University of Utah); Alison Goldsmith, MPH (University of Utah); Kathryn Szczotka, MPH (University of Utah); Jane Duncan (University of Utah); Jacob Lipscomb (Huntsman Cancer Institute); Jeanelle Webb (Huntsman Cancer Institute); Hannah McLaughlin, MD (University of Utah); Katherine Harris, MD (University of Utah)
Faculty Sponsor: Deanna Kepka, PhD, MPH (University of Utah)
Date: 5/12/21
Brief Description: Discussing geographic disparities among gynecological oncology patients
Keywords/Main Subjects: Cancer, oncology, gynecological oncology, geographic disparities
Copyright: copyright Kaila Christini et. al. ©2021