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We are pleased to release this special supplement on women’s health in Utah as part of the 12th volume of Utah’s Health: An Annual Review: Special Supplement on Women’s Health in Utah. The editorial board and contributors represent an interdisciplinary group of students, faculty, researchers from the University of Utah, personnel from the Utah Department of Health, and interested advocates for women’s health. This special supplement speaks to the interest in and dedication to women’s health that can be found within our state.

This supplement has three sections:

Original Research and Reviews touch on a variety of topics that impact women’s health, from obesity to prescription drug use to headaches and reproductive health issues.

The Special Topics section addresses the impact of immigrants on the health care system. Because data on women immigrants and their impact on the state’s health care system are difficult to find, this paper is not specific to the women of Utah. However it provides background that can easily be extrapolated to suggest the effects of immigration within the state. Information about the health of refugee women is similarly difficult to obtain; the brief data page represents initial efforts to collate information from a variety of agencies serving this community in Utah. We hope that this preliminary presentation of issues and data will encourage interested parties in the state to begin the process of collecting comprehensive data to address this topic.

The Women’s Health Data Reports look at a variety of topics that reflect women’s health concerns. We have tried in assembling these pages to go beyond typical emphasis on physical health conditions and have also included aspects of social health that impact Utah women’s lives. Some important topics, such as osteoporosis and bone health, are missing because of the difficulty in finding data to describe them. Others may be missing because of limitations of space and authorship; such topics will be periodically addressed on the University of Utah National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health Demonstration Project’s website at http://uuhsc.utah.edu/coe/womenshealth/.

Many deserve credit for this effort. It would not have been possible without the successful partnership between the University of Utah National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health Demonstration Project and the Utah Department of Health, the hard work of the editorial board, and the dedication of the contributors. We are grateful to the editorial board of Utah’s Health: An Annual Review for the opportunity to provide our women’s health supplement for this year’s review.

We hope to continue this work on a regular basis, and plan future volumes that will address specific issues in women’s health, such as health of Latina and Native American women, as well as special topics such as aging and adolescent health.

Patricia Aikins Murphy, CNM, DrPH

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